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General Information
Major Features


Software tools for creation of distributed information interchange systems. Office Automation EDC Electronic Document Management System was designed and tested at major government agencies and enterprises (Khartron and Monolith Corporations, Kharkiv, Ukraine; Social Security Fund of Ukraine etc.), where document management is a crucial issue of company's success.

General Information

EDC is an excellent choice for the following industries:

Manufacture, where priority is the process of software/hardware creation (large equipment construction corporations, power production facilities, airspace and defense industry).

The most important task here is resource management, so the requirement is to provide advanced management tools for managing the flows of materials, in managing the design/production processes and document circulation.

State and Public Institutions, where priority is document circulation (finance organisations, public authorities, trading companies and other establishments that combine process management and document management).

The ultimate objective here is involvement of different informational sources and of numerous employees.

EDC offers a complete set of tools for document creation, registration, routing, accounting, execution control, all in both electronic form or in printed form, and tools for information retrieval in various modes. EDC enables the personnel to:

Create the storages, work with electronic documents/paper documents;
Search for documents;
Save the history of processing each document, including version control;
Process the multi-component and multi-format documents;
Mangage the document relations and document collections;
Assign the access permissions to each document;
Interface with a wide range of other informational systems.

The system is designed in client - server technology and has an easy interface, which reduces the training/maintenance costs.

Server side: provides primary processing and verification of information input. The functionality is stored in SQL procedures designed for Oracle 8, IBM DB2 5. It can operate on IBM PC, RISC/6000, AS/400.

Client side: user interface and custom modules that expand the system functionality. The applications are designed in Visual Basic and Delphi for Windows 95 / Windows NT platforms.

Major Features

Powerful tools for differentiating the document access rights;
Open software interface, which makes it easier to include numerous modules of different origin, and thus considerably expand the system capacity;
Confirmed logic of integration with applications;
Extended document routing; document lifecycle management;
Hierarchic data storage; sorting the documents by usage intensity; document backup to a wide range of media, including streamers and optic disks.

Any documents circulating in the organisation and registered in the system database have extra attributes in addition to the contents (document title, author, time created etc.). The set of attributes can vary from one document type to another. Anyway, within a specific document type, this set remains unchanged.

For each document type, a card template is created with document attributes. When creating a document, author takes the necessary card and fills it out (enters the attribute values), and attaches the card to the document.

Data storages are implemented using the most advanced database engines: Sybase, Microsoft SQL Server, Informix. Other supported systems, Oracle and DB2, allow for running distributed databases and for clustering / data duplication. Thus, the system storage can have a complex distributed environment structure, which meets the requirements of scalability for large-scale enterprises.

The system provides powerful tools for differentiating the access to documents for different users. The administrator can assign users the following access types for each document:

Screen shot of EDC system

Full control over the document;
No access to the document;
Edit, but not delete the document;
Create new versions of the document, but not edit the contents;
Read the document, but not edit;
Access the card, but not the document contents.

The advanced document encription utility operating on the go, together with the wide range of user permissions, enables the EDC system to serve the classified documents.

Each user's transaction is logged and thus, all history of processing each document can be traced.

The number of nested levels is not limited. The same document can be included into several folders and catalogs by using the reference technique. Thus, the source document remains intact and is stored in the location as specified by the administrator.

Documents can be routed among enterprise departments, user groups, or individual users. Document routing forwards information (electronic documents) between network units or grants them the access rights, sends notifications and monitors the results.

There are two types of document routing: free routing and strict routing.

With free routing, any user involved in the process can change the existing document route or set a new one.

With strict routing, document routes are strictly defined and users cannot change them. On the other hand, such pattern offers logical confitions, i.e. the route can be changed according to certain conditions set forth in advance.

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