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Connecting Business and Technology. Mega Business Software. ISO 9001:2000 Certified. Since the year 1991,
MBS has been providing
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MBS Bank Electronic System

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About Us

Our Portfolio

MBS Bank Electronic System

Major Features


MBS Bank is an automated bank system developed by MBS. It is used as major operating software in over 30 commercial banks in East Europe. The system has certificates from the National Bank of Ukraine (certificates SEP 0 - 00017, 00018 for model 0, and SEP 1 - 0007, 0008 for model 1).

Major Features

Screen shot of MBS Bank system

Automatic interaction of all bank departments;
Efficient data collection, processing and management;
Easy integration into other bank systems / document management systems;
Global environment for all departments (legal, marketing, logistics, executive).

The system offers a user-friendly graphic interface. It is easily configurable to fit the client's national and custom specific requirements which provides extra comfort for the personnel. Its storage is implemented using IBM DB2, the first-choice database engine for bank solutions.

MBS Bank includes a set of design tools for client-server bank application, which offers banks independence from the developers. The supported platforms are:
RISC 6000 (business-class hardware);
AS/400 (middle class);
IBM PC and compatible

Screen shot of MBS Bank system

MBS Bank has been ported to OS/2, Windows NT, AIX, OS/400

An extended multi-level security system ensures the safety of bank transactions. Due to the architectural flexibility, the system is easily scalable. By simply adding new database servers / application servers, banks can cover their growing performance requirements at small costs.

Compatibility with heterogeneous split-function networks expands the range of MBS-Bank's capacities. While optimising the hardware and software expenses, our customers get a prompt, effective high quality service. The system installation, configuration and startup are done within shortest time possible.


Customer Bank Year Released Server Database Network OS, Tools
1G File Server
Certificates by the National Bank of Ukraine, 1996: SEP 1 - 0008, SEP 0 - 0018
The headquarters in Kharkiv, Ukraine
and 27 remote offices

Pravex Bank, Kiev
and its 17 remote offices

Golden gate bank,
Zemelniy bank,
Mercury bank
(Kharkiv, Ukraine)

Skifiya bank,
Remote office of Aval bank
(Kherson, Ukraine)



Novell 3.11 FoxPro Ethernet
Fox Pro
MBS Bank 1.0 Client Server
Certificates by the National Bank of Ukraine, 1996: SEP 1 - 0007, SEP 0 - 0017
UkrSotsBank Crimea headquarters,
Simferopol, Ukraine
1996 - 1997 RISC 6000
IBM DB2 Ethernet
Visual C++
3rd generation bank system
based on IAS international accounting standards
UkrSotsBank Crimea headquarters
and 7 offices in Crimea - Yalta, Kerch, Feodosia, Eupatoria.
Crimea Region, Ukraine

Universal Bank
Kishinev, Moldova
1997 - 1999 RISC 600 / AIX,
IBM PC / Windows NT
(for headquarters)

OS/2. Windows NT
(for remote offices)
IBM DB2 Ethernet
Windows 95
Windows NT
Visual C++
4th generation bank system
Application Server Technology, three-tier architecture, system independence
1997 - 1999 AS/400 / OS/400
RISC 600 / AIX
IBM DB2 Ethernet
Windows 95
Windows NT

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