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MBS Messenger

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About Us

Our Portfolio

MBS Messenger

System Features


MBS Messenger is a complete easy-to-use customizable voice communication system that can be used as an Instant Messenger, for creating online communities, or for creating communication lines in the organisations.

System Features

Screen shot of MBS Messenger system

The MBS Messenger system consists of the MBS Messenger Server, a central application installed on a dedicate network-enabled hardware server, and a thin, easy-to-use MBS Messenger Client program that operates on the user's computer under Windows 98/NT. While the server side handles the heavy user management and voice merge operations, the client side bears little processing load and has therefore modest system requirements.

Basically, the MBS Messenger Client will run on any Pentium computer (even on first Pentium generations!) with a microphone, headset/speakers, and network support (a modem or network interface card).

Before starting an online session, all users must pass a quick but effective authentication procedure. The server side stores the user sessions and handles reliable channel encryption which allows using the system for confidential business negotiations.

Screen shot of MBS Messenger system

All users must provide valid personal information in their user profiles. This is required for the administrative purposes. To protect their privacy, users can decide what parts of their profile (if any) they want published to other MBS Messenger users.

Any online user can initiate a voice/text conference call with other online users; record the conference call and playback the past records. An advanced flexible search utility can be used to locate other users.

Due to extensive research done by MBS experts, the voice compression logic generates reasonably small traffic while retaining the excellent sound quality.

The nice and friendly customizable skin interface makes MBS Messenger an obvious choice for teenager online communities or for those corporate users who want the feel of their company expressed in the look of the application.

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