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MBS Scada

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About Us

Our Portfolio

MBS Scada

System Features
Major Functions


MBS Scada was developed as a powerplant monitoring suite. This system provides a complete set of tools for the operators of manufacture site as far as control and monitoring of of production facilities.

System Features

Screen shot of MBS Scada system

MBS Scada -SCADA software provides:
Control and monitoring of production equipment and facilities;
Custom script programming for collection and storing the signals received;
Information display as schemes, diagrams, trends and reports;
Virtual tools and user-friendly interface, unified style of data input/output;
Advanced system storage that saves signals incoming from appliance, which can be used by the personnel for review and fine tuning the equipment;
Extended archival and reporting capabilities;
Distributed realtime architecture with local network support.

Major Functions

Real-time capture, processing and saving the signals arriving from appliance monitored;
Archival/review of the information about the appliance observed;
Tools to create/edit the mnemonic diagrams of panels;
Tools for custom reporting on the events observed;


Number of channels Data processing rate, sec. System requirements for a realtime monitor System requirements for an automated workstation
Digital Analog
Up to 25,000 Up to 30,000 1 IBM PC or industrial PC
MS DOS 5.0
80486 CPU
400 MB HDD free space
VGA display adapter
Windows 95
80486 CPU
200 MB HDD free space
SVGA display adapter


Due to distributing the suite into logical units, issues requiring immediate response (realtime operations) have been separated from data display. Thus, the system includes pure realtime units responsible for capture and logging the signal events, and "soft" realtime units providing user interface.

The system core contains a realtime monitor designed in a custom environment. This component can operate on personal computers created for industrial conditions (Industrial PC), intended for work in aggressive environments: vibrations and temperatures, gas or radiation spillages.

Installed on industrial computers is a multitasking realtime system that controls technology and calculation processes. Software units are designed using RTKernel realtime library, and can operate on any computer system with MS DOS installed. Although programs that use RTKernel have features specific for multitasking realtime systems, they still remain DOS applications.

The realtime module includes numerous functions and procedures for managing tasks, interrupt flags and data interchange tools. The module also provides a set of service functions enabling the user to control the application performance and computer time resources. System configuration includes both a single realtime module and a backup one; realtime modules can be installed on two computers.

Workstation units are equally important as they provide operator's user interface. These units are placed on a standard IBM PC under Windows 95. They enable the personnel to get graphic information related to the production equipment in the realtime mode. This part of the suite includes a complete set of tools required to create process state panels (special mnemonic diagram editor), and to use them for information display on the operator's screen.

The panels include dynamic instances that serve as basic elements of information display. MBS Scada supports a library of predefined dynamic object classes which allows for creating complicated panels, ranging in style from texts and mnemonic process diagrams to frames with realtime animation. The library consists of the following object classes:

Screen shot of MBS Scada system

Regulating gate;
Two-way slider control;
Indicator of channel status;
Indicator of control position/status;
Digital control;
Digital indicator;
Multi-channel diagram display.

The panel editor also allows for specifying the panel hierarchy and setting the panel switch sequence. After creation, the panels are sent to workstations for immediate usage.

There are two sorts of technology information in the system:

Archived events - a binary archive that contains a track record of signals received from the appliance under monitoring within a fixed time period. This type of archive is generated and supported by the realtime module. The archives can be viewed from workstations of chief technology experts or station operators in PLAYBACK mode (as a movie on a VCR).

Reports, information about technology and/or emergency events on the appliance monitored within a given time period. Reports are displayed in ASCII format with necessary comments and explanations.

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