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Relay Automation

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About Us

Our Portfolio

Relay Automation

General Information


Usage of the Relay Automation Suite developed by MBS automates the control, testing and monitoring of the equipment, provides reliability of functional testing, offers reference information to the operator, and reduces the cost of equipment test-drives.

General Information

Operating Conditions

Automation of the equipment QA and testing;
Reliability of functional test results;
Reference information for the operator;
Reduction of the labor input on testing.

System Functions

QA and testing the relay equipment both standalone and as part of distributed control system;
testing the operation of relay equipment both realtime and on operator's signal;
testing the equipment circuits;
testing the cable covering.

System Structure

The Relay Automation Suite consists of an Instrument PC responsible for establishing the operator workspace, providing the reference information, display the test results and system diagnistics; a System Processor (an IBM PC or compatible industrial microPC controller by Octagon systems) that tests the equipment, dumps the test results to the instrument PC or to the System Console; System Console consisting of a 32-button keyboard and a 4-line LED (each line of 20 points). The System Console is used for standalone operation without Instrument PC, and allows the operator to select the pre-set testing application, and to review the testing results.

Communication Channel

Information interchange between the Instrument PC and the System Console is implemented using RS-232 channel with transfer rate 9600 Bps. To work as part of distributed control system, the System Console includes with a single or double RS-485 channel with transfer rate up to 115 KBps.

RS-232 and RS-485 channels are implemented with galvanic isolation. The length of RS-232 cable connecting the PC and the System Console is 45 feet. The length of RS-485 cable is 300 feet at the rate of 115 KBps, or 3000 feet at the rate of 9600 Bps. The RS-485 channel can connect the PC with up to 32 System Consoles.

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