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Web Shop Engine

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About Us

Our Portfolio

Web Shop Engine

General Information
Major Features


The robust web shop engine developed by MBS can be used to host both monster hypermarkets and small online stores. The Customers and the Administrator modules provide all functions necessary for online shoppers.

General Information

Functionally, the shop is divided into the customer module and the administrator module

Customer module functions:

Travel the tree of the shop departments, select desired products;
Search and select the wanted goods using the search system;
See the detail information about selected product listing its features, description and photo;
Review the status of shopping cart at any time;
Register as a regular shop user;
Select the convenient mode and type of payment;
Select the convenient type of delivery;
Review the status of previous purchases;
Review the current balance.

Administrator module functions:

Create the shop departments and sub-departments;
Change department names, descriptions, advertising information;
Populate the departments with products;
Search for products by multiple criteria;
Search for customers;
Search for orders;
Display the information on localities (money units, local time etc.);
Provide the currency exchange rates;
Produce various statistics for goods turnaround, clients and orders.

Major Features

As many functions, checks and calculations as possible are performed on the client side. This considerably improves the performance and enhances ergonomics. The customers do not have to wait for response from server.
We have created a convenient system of navigation down the departments tree. Easy to use and clear to the customer, it is implemented as a multilevel drop-down tree.
Information about the selected products (shopping cart) is stored on the client side. This means that customers can see their cart right at the spot, without sending a request to the server.
Customers can see the detail information about several products at a time.
A concept of advertising information: for each department, there is specific information that will be displayed to customers.
Each product can have any number of features and specifications.
User interface provides instant switch of the language, which can be important for multi-language countries like Canada.
The server side of the shop is implemented completely in Java (Servlets, JSP), which eliminates the dependence on the operating system and database.
The shop is designed in module structure, allowing simple customization of the software by adding new features without affecting the core of the system.

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