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Connecting Business and Technology. Mega Business Software. ISO 9001:2000 Certified. Since the year 1991,
MBS has been providing
finest quality services
for its customers
in the United States
and in Europe
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Careers at MBS

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Careers at MBS

We are a professionally managed service providing organisation. People are our most valuable resource. People at MBS are not merely valued as a factor of production whose brains and skills can be utilised to achieve certain economic ends. They are valued as individuals, for skill does not exist independently from person's background, his private and emotional life. Our personnel policies are aimed at furthering the development of a person as a whole, for we believe that better people make better staff members.

We respect the right of our staff members to choose their own career paths within the broad outline of their respective functions.

We deal with all staff members primarily from the point of view of trust and understanding thereby striving for harmonious work relationships at all levels.

Open Positions

Engineers in Software Development
At any time we have open positions for professionals with good knowledge and experience in C/C++, Perl, Java, HTML and XML, PHP, databases.

Administrative and Managerial Officers
Our rapid growth requires that we dedicate sufficient resources to process management, planning and administration. If you are a seasoned manager with a successful track record, then you are welcome at MBS.

Market Experts, Sales Managers
We experience demand in qualified marketing professionals and sales representatives. We have invested a lot of time and effort in creating Products that Sell. Now we want to share our success with you.

Are you interested in joining MBS? Send your resume to hr[at]mbs-ukraine.com!

Please note that our email address is spelt with the [at] instead of @ to secure ourselves from spammers. You will need to manually restore the @ character.

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