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Connecting Business and Technology. Mega Business Software. ISO 9001:2000 Certified. Since the year 1991,
MBS has been providing
finest quality services
for its customers
in the United States
and in Europe
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Our Services

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Our Services

We take pleasure in offering the following services to our customers:

    IT Consulting, Advice and Guidance
    Software Development and Custom Programming
    IT Research, Investigation and Expertise
    Software Porting and Reverse Engineering
    Quality Assurance and Testing
    Live Data Entry and Information Processing
    Industrial Electronics

IT Consulting, Advice and Guidance

We provide our customers with strategic advice and operations guidance in the IT industry to help you make better decisions. Our consultants listen carefully to your needs so that they understand not only the technical issues but also your business context. Their advice is detailed and precise, and combines the disciplined approach, careful analysis, and real-life successful experience.
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Software Development and Custom Programming

We are committed to providing an ever increasing level of customer satisfaction by offering the highest quality software development service. Our approach to working with our clients and our flexible software development process helps us deliver powerful, reliable software that does the job.
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IT Research, Investigation and Expertise

We offer an independent, pragmatic and forward-thinking technology research. Most of the research projects we have done use lab-tested evaluations to deliver the reliable analysis and results for selecting and implementing software infrastructure and application products.
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Migration, Porting and Reverse Engineering

We deliver the widest range of application reverse engineering services including platform porting, language migration, and complete system re-design. Our reverse engineering techniques ensure that your expansion challenges are addressed, and all of your established business practices are preserved.
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Testing and Quality Assurance

We offer a choice of techniques for manual and automated software testing, and independent Quality Assurance of third-party software products. Our mission is to make the quality of your product our personal responsibility.
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Data Entry, Processing and Verification

Our Eudata division offers professional and confidential data entry, typing, processing and verification services. We are ideally suited to high volume data entry applications such as database compilations, claim and file processing, electronic publication, etc.
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Industrial Electronics

For Ukrainian Railroads, MBS manufactures and supplies the lighting control devices. Our EPRA units are installed and used in trains to control luminance lightning.
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Reasons to Work with Us

We have world-class experience;
Reliable, dependable and available servicing;
We have a good knowledge of the IT market;
Speed without compromise on quality;
We create deliverables that you can use;
We do not need a backup team;
We talk to you in plain English;
Objective approach to your problems;
Bigger is not necessarily better;
We do listen to you!

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